Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Travel To Norway

Starting this summer in Norway, my husband and I decided to start prosherstit Internet. Advised that seasoned travelers, how, where and why. We decided to get acquainted with the world famous Norwegian fjords, mountains and glaciers. Relax on the coast, fishing on the high seas to try the king crab, and can even swim with […]


Now we can wonder, angry, protest, tear paper into small pieces close the site and write a complaint to the Ministry of Education. However, there have long known about it. Hundreds of books, dozens of dissertations. And things are there. Why – a separate issue, will not touch policy. We are well with you may […]

Historic Living

In the old era of bygone reality, but not from memory, people lived not perfect, but for prosperity, and dignity. True, no good, as is commonly believed, the social fabric. But nevertheless, life seemed unbearable, dark, and even more so – hopeless. Then came other times: the era of the long-awaited burst of many liberation […]

Government Peace Reveal

Only the constant development, creativity, and righteous living will fill the soul with light and clean afterwards to give food to the Spirit and to help him return home, at right, with new knowledge and new strength. Reveal Worlds, Navi, Glory and the Government Peace Reveal all we know. We know him better than all […]

Thank You, Arnold !

How is Arnold Schwarzenegger told me, Joe, if I did not dare to go to America, I would not be governor of California, would not starred in films and have not met my dear wife, Mary. I just dismissed his words as he could not with them to agree. All this is in chess. The […]

Grigory Semyonov

1920 marked a tragic turning point in the Civil War – but not ending the war as itself. Defeat – but not defeat the White armies. Chief of the Russian Army, Baron Pyotr Wrangel and Commander in Chief of the Russian troops eastern margin, Trans-Baikal ataman Grigory Semyonov intensively preparing for the white backlash. Preparing […]

Settlement Klimovo

The settlement is the administrative center Klimovo Klimovsk area. The village is situated on the south-west of Bryansk region, has a unique, three hundred (2008) history. Klimov for his 'life' was a Starodub regiment Novgorod-Seversky Viceroyalty in the Chernihiv province, Gomel Province, Orel region. As part of the Bryansk region village is from 1944. Klimov, […]

The Small

Cost is that although they believe, the mind is a real nuisance, just one try to think the move to it immediately becomes blurred. This is not the place for the small space, to give an explanation to this phenomenon that seems so natural to be so unique, however I will introduce some arguments to […]