Settlement Klimovo

The settlement is the administrative center Klimovo Klimovsk area. The village is situated on the south-west of Bryansk region, has a unique, three hundred (2008) history. Klimov for his 'life' was a Starodub regiment Novgorod-Seversky Viceroyalty in the Chernihiv province, Gomel Province, Orel region. As part of the Bryansk region village is from 1944. Klimov, settlement, and later Posad Klimov was founded and the Old Believers was the center of Old Believers. The Old Believers, dissenters fleeing persecution by the tsarist government and the lands pereselyalilis Starodub. Few people knew about the lost in the forest settlements dissenters.

But when their Swedes take the land and met the heroic resistance, Tsar Peter I, heard about this, forgive them, gave permission to expand zamley and villages. For example, in northern Little, along with Klintsy, Novozybkov and other settlements appeared Klimov sloboda.Osadnoe permission signed June 25, 1708. On the very founder of almost nothing is known. . Local historians consider him a philistine of the Polish shtetl Golovchin. Sometimes he Klim Ermolaevich sometimes Klim Ermolaev. He was allowed to settle non-local people "… not tuteshnih, ale and went abroad with the provision of" will "for seven years." At first the settlement was called Pesochanskoy Slobodka along the river sand, "…

settlement was lodged was ranked in the cottages Starodubskii Regiment. In the settlement Klimova then lived 877 souls (451 meters floor, 426 g. Sexes), the salary they were paid 134 r.89 cop. With the new arrivals are charged 50 kopecks P11..

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