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United States

Friend, I have seen the face of desperation of the people who are going to the consulate to look for visa and say any silly thing in the interview. In one of those I meant to stop of the chair and to them &quot to me; you do not say that! ". I see later […]

Communist Manifesto

In contrast: the revolution would be direct umaconseqncia of the marxist estimated ones. Therefore, not erafavorvel Marx to the revolution exclusively for reasons ‘ ‘ altrustas’ ‘ , but they especialmenteem function of its allegiance to its theoretical and metodolgico severity that pointed arevoluo as inevitable. One is about a theoretical, philosophical implication, paraalm of […]

Average Age

During the Average Age, the historians wrote what they were convenient, were based on common-sense, where history was favored for the uncertainty of the fake of the certifications, it practically transcribed another other people’s moment to the events and the facts that were said for the adequate and trustworth order to the thought of the […]


2,500 immigrants of color they were transferred yesterday by the Italian authorities to centers of welcome near the city of Rosarno. Before this reality minister of the Italian Interior, Roberto Maroni, comments that one of the hypotheses that are shuffled in the investigation of the facts it is that the group of the Ndrangheta (the […]