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Use of resources contributing countries to the IMF. After the completion of the Bretton Woods agreement led to the creation of an international financial system happened on the first three scenarios as to reduce the risk system ‘in crisis, IMF’s unconditional immediately against the creation of reserves for the effects of economic collapse and the […]

Higher Class

The class hierarchy is structured around mainly about material wealth. Each class will have a consistency in richness of object. I mean that everyone will not necessarily private television, a private computer. Some not others so, depending on their class membership. Of course, we will create sites with computer self-service, etc.. The higher you go […]

Humanitarian Organization

The Presentation Centre for Advocacy and Assistance for Development (FDC) or SAZE AFRICA is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that aims to fight against social ills such as poverty, illiteracy, drugs, HIV / AIDS, crime, etc.. In 1998, the NGO has been brought to the baptismal font to find a way to overcome these ills that […]

Efficient Legislation

“Legislation is inevitable, and the goal is to make the most efficient possible. Some see in it a strategic opportunity to stay ahead of the curve of the regulation “by introducing voluntary measures. But what voluntary measures taken? Although technologies can imagine fantastic – moved to junk cars or solar panels hyper-efficient – companies must […]

Batteries Are A Latent Danger

Much is known about the contamination of stacks in the environment, but little is done about it. Batteries are a variety of materials harmful to health such as mercury, lead and cadmium. Today, batteries are a big problem for our environment, and that its contents are hazardous materials like mercury, lead and cadmium. Cells when […]

Universities And Companies Require More

The University brings out all abilities, including disability. There will even countries within South America as we are concerned, where there are probably more integration of universities with business, irrespective of public or private. Relationship that is critical in optimizing results that benefit all stakeholders including it, especially the country, which requires efficient production system […]