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The Politics of the Patient

Should the theories of Breuer be applied to the procedure of how to redirect the attention of those who are enfeebled from the consequences of the symptoms to the scene in which and for which the symptom’s father and, after the indication of the patient removes the symptom set as a result of the reproduction […]

Italian Alps

‘ ‘ It counts a history that has its register in the Italian Alps, in small vilarejo that it was dedicated to the culture of grapes for wine production. A time per year, happened a great party to commemorate the success of the harvest. The tradition in that region demanded that in the party each […]

Multifaceted Vision

In meanwhile, for these compulsory obsessive called behaviors of being extinct if it makes necessary the reduction of the ticket rituals until if to extinguish completely, therefore, the familiar orientation in the case of next people not to share of these rituals if becomes of great effectiveness. Therefore, the analyst of the behavior considers that […]

The Expansion

The system of distribution of benefits in accordance with the labor input, destroying form of exploitation, creates the opportunity to accumulate different values of separate individuals, separate monogamous families. These families become self-gravitating housekeeping when no longer needed in the collective mode of production of subsistence. If you would like to know more about Amazon, […]

Military Formation

After its military formation, Olga was destined to follow it Brazil, where this would lead the Communist Conspiracy, attempt of blow against the government of Getlio Vargas (www.wikipedia.org). Benario and Prestes had been gotten passionate and started to live together. Although this love has lived, Olga always prioritized the communist cause. According to FREUD (1930), […]

Religion Science

Science, Common Sense, Religion and Philosophy the common sense if assigns for knowledge acquired throughout the life that independem of a scientific training, without a basement notable of such order. However the proper scientific basement inexists without the common sense. According to Boaventura de Souza Saints Left itself exactly, the common sense is conservative and […]

Michel Nostradamus

The main purpose Strelnikov Seklitovoy and still is to transfer information to the people. Assistance in developing more high quality. But already in 2000, at a meeting it was stated that God ceased contact with them. This can be explained quite simply: no matter how strong was the desire of the family to tell people […]

Berlin Blockade

The Chinese calendar, known as Peasants – this is a very neat system not only records of past events, but also a tool for prediction. Novelist has compatible beliefs. 2008 Rats on this calendar will be marked by two elements-earth, sitting on the water. Or in other words it is an earth rat year. In […]

Work Conditions

But the work is more, is force, time ehabilidade that if it wins to get conditions to live, to dress, to eat. As seisso was not enough, the work in them points out in the social hierarchy of values, visible in the social prestige of some professions front to others (egaris doctors, lawyers and borracheiros). […]

Secrets Of Success

First great secret of success of the internal intention to be a success in life is an intention to have the willingness and commitment to working towards the goal. Internal means that your desire stems from the soul, not of the mind. Soul controls emotions, mind – logic. When between emotion and logic, there is […]