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Web Seminar

In a Webinar (Web Seminar) on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 at 15:00, Orr explains the five key issues which interest each CFO. In addition he explains when and where business opportunities are made of data governance best visible, and with well-founded methods they can be communicated to top management as. Go to Connecticut Senator for […]

Convention Center Schloss Schonbrunn

At the year’s celumsummit revolves around the ABC of marketing (car mate, boost, Cust costs) on May 21 in Vienna. Linz. With the dramatically increased use of new media and social media platforms marketing and communication experts, on the one hand are confronted with new requirements for the management of this media data, on the […]

Data Protection In The Ukraine

In the last ten years an attractive nearshore software development partner has become the Ukraine for Europe in ten years is an attractive nearshore software development partner become the Ukraine for Europe, because this country is rich in qualified IT specialists, and because there is only a low voice and time difference between the Ukraine […]

DMS: More Structure With The Filing And Search Wizard

Open source document management system agorum core information determine the everyday life and require a centralized filing and archiving management in times of digitization and the growing importance of electronic documents in enterprises. This companies are again looking for new, efficient solutions. As the shelf and the open source document management system search wizard agorum […]