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North Caucasus

Therefore, when in Russia say their victories – in Georgia or anywhere else, you do not remember, but maybe do not know that until "conquered" people will not head arranged in the same way as in Russian man (or woman), no victory is nowhere to be seen the Russian state. It can only temporarily hold […]

World Wide Web

We are convinced that civil society organizations are effective partners of government. People just do not believe in the Party and government will always be united in civil society organizations, and Money here is not to blame. Ukraine is a worldwide network number of Ukrainians who have access to the Internet, is growing steadily. This […]

Historic Living

In the old era of bygone reality, but not from memory, people lived not perfect, but for prosperity, and dignity. True, no good, as is commonly believed, the social fabric. But nevertheless, life seemed unbearable, dark, and even more so – hopeless. Then came other times: the era of the long-awaited burst of many liberation […]

South Russian

The essence of any empire – the absorption of the peoples and countries. This is nature a predator with an immense appetite. Russian empire from its inception is a prime example embodiment of the above qualities. In other words, Russian empire and devours devoured everything he can, including even its own title people. Raymond Dalio […]

Grand Ayatollah Ali

21 and 22 January the Russian side made statements on the Iranian issue. In the first case, the general director of Rosoboronexport, Anatoly Isaikin in Bahrain, confirmed that Russia continues to supply defensive weapons to Iran according to previously reached bilateral agreements. This, apparently, talking about the S-300 air defense systems because it can not […]

Jubilee Diploma

High qualification of the Ural airmen have repeatedly found recognition in the form of awards from the management of civil aviation both the USSR and Kazakhstan. There were first helicopter, piloted by A. Domracheva, A. Zagorovskaya and Kotov NA and serviced Elistratov, A. Kostyukov, P. Ermolichevym. November 7, 1964 staff of the airline first took […]

Russian Federation

The situation in the North Caucasus is so serious that it called the number one problem of Russia's President in my last message. But even earlier, in Makhachkala, and Stavropol, Dmitry Medvedev announced the first thesis system, rather than spontaneous threats to Russian security, not caused by external and internal factors. Analyzing the root causes […]

Special Representative

But it is based on a different conceptual approach to the problems of the North Caucasus, rather than the current policy of the Kremlin in the region. Introduction to the Special Representative of the Institute of the North Caucasus has a meaning, and it is effective only in the case where the federal government is […]

State Hillary Clinton

For all, even the most unpretentious of politicians, one is absolutely clear – this form of security solutions and cooperation among states has become obsolete entirely. For politicians it was clearly a long time, summits were not already for quite some time, due to significant costs for them in conjunction with the complete absence of […]

Black Sea

In short, the efforts of the President has already brought tangible benefits in the form of clearly detrimental consequences, as most saying his political opponents in Georgia, with significant claims not only to their own authorities, but also to the former U.S. administration that its policy of encouraging the Georgian state has pushed to decay. […]