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Plaster Stucco Moldings

If you want to convert your cottage or room in the palace in a small part of it, then you will decorative moldings. Stucco has always been a symbol of wealth and love of beauty with home owners. Today, many designers do not too favorable to otnosyatyasya stucco. And for good reason. Decorative moldings produces […]

Central Asia

"Works" and Iran itself in terms of reducing the dependence of its potential partners from the U.S. and Israel. Take the message of Iranian news agency IRNA on 28 October its intention to Tehran in the near future, a 5-fold increase in the volume of natural gas supplies to Armenia. In exchange for gas supplies […]

General Mannerheim

There is nothing in the world more powerful avant-garde and original. Thousands of miles away, for "mad money" to us, thousands of people are going to look at the man, "overturned" the world, even the "black", maybe not quite as they should, but it is symbolic and powerful enough, "Russian-style." The Finns, for example, in […]

Georgia Tension

The war in Georgia again made us shudder with apprehension next big disaster. On all sides have been calls for a ceasefire and peaceful solution combined efforts of international forces. Is it possible to union where the interests of the parties so different? How to make a living in peace with dissidents, those who do […]

Political Education

In the truncated form at the congress will be at least four political pole, conventionally represented, Ramzan Kadyrov, Akhmed Zakayev, Doku Umarov and Ahyadom Idigov. AND what? Swan, the crayfish and pike? It is quite expected the predicted results. Again, squabble, like last time? Again, be exposed to ridicule before the world? Chances are that […]

Islam Authorities

Since the system of coordination, "friend or foe," nothing has changed. They had fought against the Kremlin, and now continue to fight against the same puppet of the Kremlin. Which, in their declaration, colonized the Chechen people and the colonial policy of continuing arms of his puppets. They had declared that the fight for liberation […]

Dagestani Statistical Yearbook

If someone had squeezed here the whole entire Dagestani Statistical Yearbook. These statistics are live in the 'strategy' to its special, totally self-sufficient life. It sets out, but it does not follow any conclusions. And those findings, that there is still, as if made on the basis of some other statistics. For example, the 'Strategy' […]

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov

" Akhmed Zakayev is still positioning itself as the prime minister of Ichkeria in exile. Since it was negotiating the Chairman of the Parliament of Chechnya Dukvakha Abdurakhmanov, the Chechen community hopes that as a result of these negotiations may ensue national consensus. Although, by and large, Zakayev has little effect on that. How would […]

The Leaders

The oligarchs do not give the rest reminders about the year 1917, and socialism. The greater the "pluck" the people, the louder will be sound like calls to forget the revolution, and if they remember it is only its negative aspects, as an inevitable factor in any state transformation. If the advocates of reform have […]

Customs Service

On behalf of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian Emergencies Ministry would send four planes with humanitarian aid to Cuba, had suffered from the devastating hurricane. In particular, the tents will be delivered to accommodate people, building materials, as well as food and other essentials. The overall situation with 30.8 on 31/08/2008, at the Cuban […]