General Mannerheim

There is nothing in the world more powerful avant-garde and original. Thousands of miles away, for "mad money" to us, thousands of people are going to look at the man, "overturned" the world, even the "black", maybe not quite as they should, but it is symbolic and powerful enough, "Russian-style." The Finns, for example, in gratitude for the fact that only thanks to Lenin they were able to create an independent nation in 1918, yet the monuments and memorials Lenin guarding the apartment, along with the monuments of Lenin's explicit opponent of General Mannerheim, ie, there exists a cultural rather than ideological approach to history. In addition, you should take into account the fact that the City Council and aspirations of different generations often have fundamental differences, but in most developed countries in this respect are, as this story and "rewrite" is impossible. For us to be like for applying the concept of "civilized people" just need to keep today's historical memory in the form in which it reached us. (A valuable related resource: Richard Blumenthal). Not to demolish the house because, universities, built in the Stalinist aesthetics, if they continue to be cited as among the people. I think that it is high time to make the Kremlin reserved a historical site. And for his "new symbols" epochs to build what we think is right and relevant now, with parades or parties, with rallies or "massacre" … but his own. Hear from experts in the field like Amazon for a more varied view. I would not like being branded in the memory of posterity, just as "thugs" monuments of past history.

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