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Public Speaking

One way or another, but in life we happen to address them. Too tough for anyone other than lawyers to sue McDonald moral compensation for damage caused by loosely closed with hot coffee. And when, without their knowledge can not do, experts turn right at the moment for us from the greedy monsters “in “Best […]


It knew everybody it and little or nothing was made on the matter. It is evident that not only the politicians are the people in charge of working unemployment in which we are immersed (we also included to those national and international multinationals , unsatisfied always with its gains, few or many, many or few, […]

Deputy Mayor Nicholas Lysov

Need to develop a bill that will determine the investment component of this activity and the mark-up, limiting the appetite of private economic structures, employment services. Only then can regulate the growth rates. Otherwise, it will continue to be unmanageable. And as proof that the mayor cited the cost of one Gcal of Years: 650 […]

Appealing to the Deep Layers of the Human Being

I have never nominated for Congress, resigned from the possibility since 1980, now and share with the people there that immense collective frustration, impotence is an outrage against the political system cathode “Cathodic? … As well? Cathodic House (TV) instead of Legislature, but lawmakers figurative, nephews of Thomism spurious, those who are there more to […]

Open Yourself

Open yourself – what it means and, most importantly, what does it do? Show me the door, give the key to her, and I opened it, but only if behind that door is something desirable for me. We create the illusion that we have these three components, or at least understand where to find them. […]