Open Yourself

Open yourself – what it means and, most importantly, what does it do? Show me the door, give the key to her, and I opened it, but only if behind that door is something desirable for me. We create the illusion that we have these three components, or at least understand where to find them. 'The desire to gain' – is the goal, 'door' – it means 'key' – a technique. And to be perfectly frank, we think, by and large, we know ourselves well. Who knows us better than ourselves? But at this point try to understand in more detail. The whole world (what I mean by that) I'm captured by five organs of perception, which is initially limited the amount received by the external information, as well as a range of perceived data in each of our senses is limited. And if you look deeper – I do not feel able to external influences, but the reaction of the organism to them. 'I' – this sort of closed box, inside which there is a fragmented body of information that is similar in all humans, but far from complete. On the other hand, to talk about self-knowledge, it is important to understand the principles of identity formation and to deal with a term such as 'freedom of choice'. What I find forms? From the outset, the genetic code specifies the program of my development, which is carried by its immutable laws, which we call the laws of nature.

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