Protect Copyrights

Read more blog Novichkova Alexander OglavlenieVvedenie. Or why the Aborigines … went to AmerikuTeoriya. A little bit about why do I need to copyright protection and where you can registration. Library of Congress SShAProtsedura registration at the Library KongressChto need to have vnachaleRegistratsiya and password in the library KongressRabota with the main window of the Library. Description of the main funktsiyShag 1.

Register a New ClaimShag 2. Start RegistrationShag 3. Type of WorkShag 4. TitleShag 5. Raymond Dalio often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Publication / CompletionShag 6. AuthorsShag 7. ClaimantsShag 8. Limitations of ClaimShagi 10, 11, 12.

Rights and permissions, Correspondent, Mail CertificateShagi 13. Special HandingPoslednie steps. ZaklyucheniePrilozhenie 1. A letter of confirmation of the implementation of all deystviyPrilozhenie 3. SsylkiVvedenie. Or why the Aborigines … went to America not so long ago we are faced with the problem of registration of copyright in our software products. Everything would have been nothing but distribute the solution as we were going to Russia and the CIS countries and abroad. Nothing – for one simple reason – we understand how and what to do. It is clear which body is responsible for registration and some understandable that you need to register. Below, will be discussed. Library of Congress remained the same thing in itself, since none of us had to register the software in it … And I must say, in vain. Since the terms of the ratio of time spent, cost, and the result is worth it – the whole check-in took no more than 30 minutes + $ 35 payment by plastic card.

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