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Central Ring Road

m., warehouses of class B are divided into smaller units. For many companies of 5 thousand square meters. m – is enough, although there are sales of such stores with a margin for growth. Despite the constant increasing volumes of construction, supply of quality space can not currently meet the existing demand. In this case, […]

Advising Services

Legal service organizations is a comprehensive legal support to a legal person on all legal issues that may arise in the course of .Na Today, legal service organizations, is one of the most popular services offered by law firms in the market, and this is no accident. Conclusion of a contract for legal services the […]

Right Russian

713. In addition, there is the Federal Law of 25.06.1993g. 5242-1, entitled "The Right of Citizens of the Russian Federation to freedom of movement, choice of stay and residence within the Russian Federation "(it has greater legal force than the specified Government Decree). According to Article 1 of the Act, in accordance with the Constitution […]

Marriage Of Convenience In Europe

Latvian legislation the penalty for a marriage is not provided. Therefore, sham marriages is not so little. Since Latvia joined the European Community, every 5 marriages in order to obtain residence permit citizens of third countries, falls under suspicion – a dummy. Prices on fake brides and grooms from Latvia range from 1000 to 15000 […]

Re-registration Of Company In 2009 – An Overview

30 December 2008 was signed the Federal Law ‘On Amendments to Part I of the Civil Code and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation. ” The Act stipulates that all of the limited liability company (LLC) must make serious changes in its founding documents. This does not mean that should immediately flee to the […]