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That history of that after acrise comes the success is true. If you are not convinced, visit Author. In 2010 it will be one year of bigger contentment. previsto that the GIP grows between 5% and 6%. With this the signed wallet number detrabalho will go to increase and the informal work goes to diminish. […]

North Country

It is very probable that these politics had prevented that the difference increased and produced a picture still more shameful. Exactly with the northeast GIP in last the ten years the irrigation ditch that separates to the average income between the Northeast and call Center-South, constituted of the Southeast has grown in terms of half […]


In the economic environment contemporary or any another one of the past, the subject inflation always is in guideline. This occurs, therefore when the governments are come across with this problem it is impressive the magnitude that the consequences of the governmental actions take, since these probably will indicate the route of the economy for […]

Exchange Politics: Optimum Economic Model

1.INTRODUO Is usually that when aiming at the development of the nation, occurs on the part of the countries the adoption of a economic model that is adequado reality politician-financier of the state. Some specialists in econmicapoltica recommend the model of substitution of the importations; however, others see the model exporting as better choice the […]