North Country

It is very probable that these politics had prevented that the difference increased and produced a picture still more shameful. Exactly with the northeast GIP in last the ten years the irrigation ditch that separates to the average income between the Northeast and call Center-South, constituted of the Southeast has grown in terms of half percentile point above average of Brazil and the South, is very great. To be covered way is long, painful and full of challenges and obstacles. But, the governing cannot and nor they must vacilar. She is necessary that goals are traced and implanted politics so that the productivity and the incomes of the people who live north-eastern and in the North are compatible with the average of Brazil.

The focus has that to be to get superior a economic growth in these two regions to the average of Brazil. This is an excellent moment so that the government traces with a great goal, evidently that will go to exceed the period of the PPA, that could be to establish that daqui the twenty years the northeast per capita income is two teros of the Brazilian. So that this obtained objective either is necessary that the economy northeastern in recent years grows to a tax that either around 2,2 superior percentile points to the verified ones, considering that the Brazilian economy continues growing to the same tax of the verified one in previous years. A country that wants to be rich and powerful cannot leave that an area very great sets of ten of millions of people they have a very inferior income to the average of the people of this country. The public agents, notadamente those that can act to change this situation, need to take measured that they lead to a uniformity in the incomes of the people. The scale cannot only hang for a side of the country. With the high public and private investments that will occur in the Southeast in reason of esportivos events, daily pay-salt, train of high speed, among others, are factors that on the other hand increase the average income in the region richest of the country, for another one, become the challenge to raise the northeast per capita income for a platform next to the Brazilian average a much more difficult task. Of any form, the challenge to construct a country more just and less different is launched.

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