Monthly Archives: October, 2010

The Sustaining Influence of Ideology

Many people believe that at the least we need to believe in ideologies. ” Admittedly, the outlook is not optimistic. Was neglected so much to do about youth, how to provide security at its current stage survival in programs that guarantee consistent with regard to their education, development, employment, health. Dar shows that each country […]

Achieving Freedom Through Partnerships

When each partner makes a contribution to the project it helps every one of the partners. No matter what the socially expected roles. The dictates of society and those around us are full of preconceived ideas. At this moment, all the functions, roles, mate choice, the economy shows absolutely everything blurred. There are no limits […]

Criticized For Criticism: Insecurity And Corruption Are All The Rage

The fateful Joselo in one of his sketches was able to convince people that the world was going to end. This was where a commotion and no one knows who is who. The supermarket cashiers are no longer the commander. The word Pyrrhic no one knows it, and the opposition Gross talks about mental insanity, […]

The Turbulant National Scene

The national scene has much turbulence and is a result of a very sharp political instability, where the current government is the main actor of this, especially when one is determined to implement socialism for modern times is extremely difficult as it is manifested. His actions have had a significant impact on the Venezuelan business […]

The Effects of The Mexican Revolution

According to the author of the essay it is not possible to solve the problem of the farmer and landowner in the Mexican countryside under the present conditions. It is also critical to think about the performance and productivity of the land. The federal government never bothered to create mechanisms to facilitate this performance, so […]

The Consequences of the Energy Crisis

Carlos Mora Vanegas was faced with the reality of the energy crisis which wasfacing the world,and serious problems have resulted from the energy, what this has impacted on the rise in oil prices to historical record and how it affected the price, consumption food, causing a serious global crisis, reflected in many countries where hunger […]

Freedom Fighter Mendieta

Julian Zugazagoitia Mendieta was born in Bilbao on February 5, 1899 and was assassinated in Madrid on November 9, 1940. He was known in some circles as Zuga and used the pseudonyms of Fermin and Julian Mendieta. The son of a steelworker socialist, raised in a socialist, and at twenty years was president of Socialist […]

The Politicians Remain on Their Pedestals

The new week is not presented with too many changes of paranoid politicians remain on his pedestal wonderful paid by all taxpayers are the ones who suffer the nonsense and occurrences, but the people who pay them submissive accept whatever they put on their political the table without complaint and with resignation. Discordant minds refuge […]

The Challenge of Climate Change

They draw attention for their versatility and the complexity of devising mechanisms that will reduce emissions, which are set forth in the United Nations Convention on Climate Change 1992. So-called “carbon credits”, and technologies for “carbon sequestration” in the depths of the earth or under frozen lakes. It is clear that the rate at reducing […]

The Challenges of El Salvadore

With the aforementioned enhancement of the motivational level, working autonomy and parallel line of concentration, the achievement was verified repeatedly (with a substantial, visible operative difference), the target set from the start, as quickly and efficiently in the locations of individuals buried . It was precisely in the Andalusian city of Seville where Jaime Parejo […]