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Alive Seed

Alive seed if does not know to the certainty when it was born, nor still its ideas ambiently conservatives who later would be the point key of a necessary taking of action. Beyond what, this it would contribute for formation of autocrtico census, what it allowed it at as a moment to discern with clarity […]

Democratic Rule

Citizen-Politician, in the quality of governor, considering here the legislative offices, executive, fiscalizadora and of official representation of an agency of institucional sovereignty and/or, eticamente analyzed its actuao, he does not have to want exactly for itself what the majority of the population does not have, that for previous law and/or for the acquired right […]

The Aged

In accordance with Saucers et al. (2002), with the decrease of the physical abilities, the arrival of the third age and with result of the illnesses, the aged ones tend to go modifying its quotidianos customs of life and habits for more sedentary activities. The attached results to the idleness and the inactivity are very […]

Legality in Brazil

Its distance understands 794 km of the Capital, and its forms to arrive Legal Brasilia can be for fluvial road or. Etnogrfica research of Field in Legal Brasilia In day 04 of July of 2011 to the 13:00 hours, the academics of IV the Period of History of the College of Itaituba? FAI, had left […]

The Brazilians

Why common people lose the head to the projection? Varnish of civility Badness. Yes, conscientiously or not. They are the bad pendores of the creature, before jailed in deepest of the heart, that now come out in savagery, permissividade, and moan. You found philosophical or last excessively this conclusion? Certain time, talking in a wheel […]