The Sector

Consumer: Of including form he is all that one that consumes tangible products and/or intangible. Visa of more specific form: he is a purchaser or 0ccasional customer. Not necessarily necessary to have acquired the product or service of determined company, it she is a customer in potential. Decree 6,523, of 31 of July of 2008, that it regulates Law 8,078, of 11 of September of 1990 (Code of Defense of the Consumer? CDC), defines the purpose of the SAC: Art. 2. For the ends of this Decree, the service of telephonic attendance of the lenders of regulated services is understood for SAC that have as purpose to decide the demands of the consumers on information, doubt, claim, suspension or cancellation of contracts and services. In the organizacional communication the SAC is a way to narrow the experiences to the consumers, beyond valuing the institucional image.

Consumers become customers fidiciary offices the mark and establish an affinity link, that hardly is created by another tool. But, if the process will not be developed in correct way, can make contrary effect, causing extremely unsatisfied negative and consuming impacts. Adjusted technology, innovative processes and human capital are them pillars of this activity. It enters the changes in this type of service, we cite the increase, despite shy, of the act of contract of hand of workmanship of people with ages between 40 and 50 years. This is a taking of adjusted decision, therefore it was verified that collaborating in this etria band they have greater inside agreement of the functionality and importance of the sector of the comunicacional process company-customer. 3? In agreement ACCESSIBILITY Chapter II of the Decree the 6,523 Central offices of Attendance must disponibilizar a SAC that has, among others, the following characteristics: gratuitous Ligaes for consumer. uninterrupted Atendimento 24 hours during 7 days per week. The majority of the consumers already passed for frustrating experiences when trying to complain or to enter in contract with definitive company.

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