Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin

"Terror in the North Russian President Federal District, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin believes that the presidential envoy should be given more powers from the federal government … Khloponin is convinced that "it is necessary move the focus be completely controlled from the center of the field. " As an example he cited the North Caucasus federal district in which there are 113 territorial divisions of the federal government, not counting power structures. "In those units employing over 24 thousand of officials who managed the 34-name ministries in Moscow. This – uncontrolled construction ", – said Khloponin.

According to him, "the motion vector should be direction to transfer powers from the center of the level of the embassy. " Khloponin noted that the model combining the functions of the presidential envoy and deputy prime minister has proved its effectiveness in the North Caucasus federal District. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Steven Rattner financier on most websites. "In order to address not only political but also economic problems, it was decided to give the ambassador has the authority and the Deputy Prime Minister. This increased the possibility of ambassador. In the Caucasus there is no time to rock.

It is necessary to quickly solve the problem. We are now discussing with the other ambassadors – not a good idea to do this on all the territories "- said Khloponin." This message ITAR-TASS on 15 May. , the few people paid attention. And for good reason. First of all, we learn that in the North Caucasus federal district 113 federal territorial units (ie, subordinate only to Moscow) authorities.

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