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Fundamental Rights

Given the inclusion in the draft law on sustainable economy of legislative changes affecting the free exercise of the freedoms of expression, information and the right of access to culture via the Internet, journalists, bloggers, users, professionals and developers Internet express our firm opposition to the project, and declare that: 1. copyright can not be […]

The Parliament

It was a victory of liberal principles (or whigs), since, if the Catholics could not be Kings, no monarch could be absolute.Importantly this revolutionary process is based on the political progress found in Britain from the end of the 17TH century, (whereas the system of the European continent remained absolutist, the British already had a […]

Government Native

Article 3 .-purpose of the consultation the purpose of the consultation is to reach an agreement or consent between the State and indigenous or native peoples concerning the legislative or administrative measures which may affect them directly, through an intercultural dialogue that will ensure their inclusion in the processes of decision making in the State […]

Mendoza Tourism

Mendoza holidays are the ideal time to dare to adventure sports. The Cuyo Province provides an excellent framework to be captivated by experiences full of emotion and intense adrenaline. There are extreme sports for whose practice it is necessary to have previous training or experience. But for others, like rafting, only need to dare and […]