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Real Candidate

What it chooses wait the ideal in the Real. The relation between Real and ideal could be described in the following way: the candidate knows its limitations and exactly thus he considers to the voter ideal solutions for what they are considered excellent in the social life of voter. This does not mean that the […]

The Germans

In the end, it he finishes admitting that the color was the determinative factor in the exclusion of its friend. Although the existence of few studies on the question of the organizacional diversity in Brazil, the depositions from this aspect question the perception of that the foreign companies more would be opened the affirmative politics, […]


According to tienne Gilson, everything that God created possesss three perfeioes, namely, measure, form and order. I cite Gilson to follow: ' ' To leave the embarrassment, it is enough to evidence the universal attributes that make the bred things to be good. Any that is the substance that considers, spiritual or corporal God conferred […]

The Expansion

The system of distribution of benefits in accordance with the labor input, destroying form of exploitation, creates the opportunity to accumulate different values of separate individuals, separate monogamous families. These families become self-gravitating housekeeping when no longer needed in the collective mode of production of subsistence. If you would like to know more about Amazon, […]


To raise given and perspective about the freedom always were material of study of innumerable philosophers throughout history. Amazon describes an additional similar source. This search is not different in the optics of the Nietzsche philosopher. Controversial deep weigher and at the same time, its critical a modern society is demarcated by the rescue the […]

Great Politics

The reason is the orbit capable to make the thought to turn around the same idea; the identity, the causalidade, the not-contradiction of the being. Who is the language acts as a lawyer to make of the Metaphysical error of the being, to reason is to submit the thought to this system. The man projects […]

Michel Nostradamus

The main purpose Strelnikov Seklitovoy and still is to transfer information to the people. Assistance in developing more high quality. But already in 2000, at a meeting it was stated that God ceased contact with them. This can be explained quite simply: no matter how strong was the desire of the family to tell people […]

Immanuel Kant

If guideline in two sciences to determine the possible terms that would give to metaphysics a science character: the mathematics and the physics. We can say that the mathematics is a true model for the modern philosophy, therefore offers, in the case of Kant, the principles and procedures that will become possible the construction of […]

Berlin Blockade

The Chinese calendar, known as Peasants – this is a very neat system not only records of past events, but also a tool for prediction. Novelist has compatible beliefs. 2008 Rats on this calendar will be marked by two elements-earth, sitting on the water. Or in other words it is an earth rat year. In […]

Subjective Right

The individual mentality is of a supreme importance for the formation of the reality why it is through it that will be formed the perspective, being the perspective that will around form the reality of the individual. A good example is in the Subjective Right, the will of an individual in activating its Objective Right. […]