Monthly Archives: October, 2011

The Structure Of Political Knowledge

However, depending on the level of society, of one's own needs and level of knowledge people display the political world, with varying degrees of depth and in different forms, in particular in the form of myths, ideologies, religious and scientific beliefs. Centuries of human history crystallized three main ways (forms) of human comprehension of the […]

Orthodox Christians Russian

But this problem can be solved if there is a peaceful life, we all settled. I would like to wish you, as head of this already a large metropolis with God in your work and worry. You do not make the difference between citizens, as Orthodox Christians, and Muslims, all are giving attention. And we […]

Iranian Counterattacks

The ups and downs of the Armenian-Turkish rapprochement, to some extent overshadowed the far more serious regional problem that exists, however, is not the first – the West’s intention to completely subjugate Iran and, accordingly, Iran’s unwillingness to concede in the struggle for their independence. Of course, a powerful neighbor South Caucasus is not simply […]

United States Senate

Senator Barack Obama has won its first match, defeating Hillary Clinton significantly to run for Democratic Party candidate at the election for president of the United States has made in November this year, where the traditional and discussed face party Republican McCain specifically to their candidate. No doubt, that for those who do not live […]

Life Village

It was warm and I had planned to drive around the sea and find a place to swimming. The roads there and back were two different realities of our country. At that time, both from to Protection via Novoselovo is normal asphalt, along which you can meet "real" village, the road from Cover Kolchugino through […]