Orthodox Christians Russian

But this problem can be solved if there is a peaceful life, we all settled. I would like to wish you, as head of this already a large metropolis with God in your work and worry. You do not make the difference between citizens, as Orthodox Christians, and Muslims, all are giving attention. And we ourselves have felt it, your heart's attitude toward Orthodox Church. We wish you health and prosperity, and prosperity of the Dagestan and all its inhabitants. " Then Head of the Administration of Said Amirov presented word and the Archbishop of Elista Kalmykian Zosima.

The archbishop said: "Thank you for submitting a word Said Dzhaparovich. Since I am familiar with Makhachkala in 1980. During this time the city has undergone tremendous changes. I've said many times and can not be repeated – for I remember the opening Russian monument to the teacher. It is – thanks to the Russian people, the Russian intelligentsia. This is a great example of the generosity of Dagestan and you personally. We have established the Interreligious Council of Kalmykia.

Although largely dominated by Buddhists, but we, the Heads of traditional religions, many questions were discussed and solved together in order to avoid religious tensions. God bless you, blessed and native of Dagestan Makhachkala … ' The next speaker was the Mufti of Dagestan Abdullaev, Ahmed-Hajji. After the reading of verses from the Koran, he said: "I welcome all the guests in the hospitable land of Dagestan. Now you can see for yourself how friendly the people living in Dagestan.

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