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Madlen Jack Koesteran

In addition to the identity-oriented brand management, the identity-oriented employer automated fire. It developed another brand the company as a result. These two brand developments, which basically similar aims to link with each other a to the position of the employer brand from the existing brand identity to approach this work. Items of the Musikvideos […]


That important it is the creative thought at the time of creating the product that is sold in Internet. The creativity is the one that in fact moves all the money. Without creativity we condemned not to advance. In your race in Internet, you need to be creative. It is not an option. That it […]

Convention Center Schloss Schonbrunn

At the year’s celumsummit revolves around the ABC of marketing (car mate, boost, Cust costs) on May 21 in Vienna. Linz. With the dramatically increased use of new media and social media platforms marketing and communication experts, on the one hand are confronted with new requirements for the management of this media data, on the […]

Taking Probiotics

The human gastrointestinal tract houses a complex macrobiotic ecosystem that contains a large number and variety of bacteria. The set of resident bacteria in the human gastrointestinal tract has a great impact on gastrointestinal function, and therefore in human health and well-being. Some of these bacteria are opportunistic or considered harmful and can cause adverse […]