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Operation One

Another important action of this topic, is the fact not to be admitted acts that result in increase of the expenditures with staff in the last one hundred and eighty days of mandate of the governing. As for the increase of the expenditures with the social security, these must be folloied by corresponding reduction in […]

Pra Lynno

Remade of the astonishment after appearance, I wanted to know of new features and the Lynno always has one. At this time surprised it me, saying that she is Journalist (not diplomee) and alone he needs a force to emplacar its Column: The Mico, Lynno. Others including James Donovan Goldman, offer their opinions as well. […]

Social Service Blog

According to professor, ' ' he never had humanity. Now he is that he is having. I find that this is the great newness of our generation. The capacity to coexist the future possvel' '. Being I defender of the Human Rights and activist of the social movements of community, will not steal myself of, […]


Muitaspessoas says that they do not like the politics, that already is tired of ouvirfalar in elections, democracy, vote and politician, and affirm that todopoltico he is corrupt and not of a due attention the debates, votes noprimeiro that see for the front and when leaving house of it comes across with nibuslotado, I transit […]

Brazilian Theoretical

Brazil, Strong State Versus Neoliberalismo in Check Adilson Boell 1 Expensive reader, to understand the Real meant of the financial and real estate crisis in the United States well and which the effect of this crisis on the form of if thinking the development, is necessary first to understand that types of theoretical sources are […]

Apud Dallari

This started to be conducted by the religious values, more necessarily the catholics, who had imposed the dialectic of the x well badly tied with faith, for the ten orders that are followed and respected until today, as: not to kill, not to steal, and others, as the religious norms in the social scope. Later, […]

Communist Manifesto

In contrast: the revolution would be direct umaconseqncia of the marxist estimated ones. Therefore, not erafavorvel Marx to the revolution exclusively for reasons ‘ ‘ altrustas’ ‘ , but they especialmenteem function of its allegiance to its theoretical and metodolgico severity that pointed arevoluo as inevitable. One is about a theoretical, philosophical implication, paraalm of […]

Max Weber

Actions thus proposals call the attention the professionals and counting that they do not pass of promises, they can motivate the vote. Proposals exist that calls the attention a white public, who is of the carrying people of deficiency, then the idea of one program of assistance and politics whom they promote the inclusion of […]

Valdo Albuquerque

Also contrasting with the great mineral wealth that enriches the safes of the company, the team of news article of the Periodical the Regional one, (in 11/2008) if came across with a sad situation enters as much not focadas by the media, where two children, that they Mame look like to have between two and […]

Egyptian Museum

The situation was described for the empostada voice of a Cuban speaker, who supported that the crisis of the capitalism had made to blow up the inconformismo in Egypt and the differences social they were sinking the government. (…) The aluso between us to the drawn out permanence in the power of Hosni Mubarak was? […]