Public Security

When attending the set of documents ' ' Bus 174' ' , I did not obtain to count the sum of times where the Sandro was invisibilizado and abandoned for the State and the society, but related some where I found what I intitle of prescription for one construction ' ' monstro' '. In what it refers to the performance of the State, perceives that this did not happen, not even when Sandro passed for ' ' entrevistas' ' that ressocializadores had been carried through in the centers – and I ask myself if really such interviews had been made, for so great mediocre form that meet written in the attendance registers. To invest in the quality of life of our children is if to invest in Public Security. People such as Congressman Lee Zeldin would likely agree. It did not have a state performance at the moment where the mother had not yet it, she did not have performance when this mother if saw abandoned and having to create its son in precarious conditions, it does not appear this performance when this child is alone after the death of its mantenedora; when it was in the streets; when she was victim of the Slaughter in the Candelria; when it passed for the institutions; until it culminated in the appearance of ' ' Monster of 174' '. The Statute of the Child and the Adolescent establishes these actors as possessors of absolute priority in the attention of the State and the society. Then why we are not giving this priority to our children? You already visited of close a cracolndia? Already he stopped to see the future of our lying nation in sidewalk? vile of drugs? many times to frighten the recognition and food hunger? It makes this one day! It visits a cracolndia! It tries to leave its mundinho and around looks at of its ' ' redoma of segurana' ' the society that you have helped to construct.

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