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Gallegos Nava

(f) we need values that integrate and transcend the polarity of the values. Here that the crisis is of the human being, of his thinking, from his consciousness. (Santillan 1996: 12) Therefore, mankind is experiencing this crisis in values, in which his conscience is fragmented and loss within the meaning of that is left to […]

Sovereign Council Gij”> Main article: History of Asturias Covadonga. Occupied by settlers from the Lower Paleolithic, during the top Asturias was characterized by cave paintings in the east of the Community. In the Mesolithic developed an original culture, the Asturiense, then introduced the Bronze Age, characterized by the megaliths and barrows. During the Iron Age, with roots […]

Al Qaeda

He entered the contest by the Nobel without having done absolutely nothing! just 12 days after he was elected President, skirting the term so to close the list of candidates. Another shows more than the leftist stubbornness and lack of ethical principles of the Nobel Committee. The prize was awarded him for promoting diplomacy. And […]