Al Qaeda

He entered the contest by the Nobel without having done absolutely nothing! just 12 days after he was elected President, skirting the term so to close the list of candidates. Another shows more than the leftist stubbornness and lack of ethical principles of the Nobel Committee. The prize was awarded him for promoting diplomacy. And what do democratic Presidents and all ambassadors? Not looking for the same thing, and virtually all have higher credits than Obama. Give the Nobel Prize to BO, is feeding their pretensions of grandeur, that are already at stratospheric levels. With the medal his foreign policy will become more radical, to the detriment of the West. BO International aims to achieve peace in the Middle East at the expense of Israel. But conditions can change abruptly, since it is likely that you will be involved in a war with Iran.

To combat it, you will need the support of Israel and Europe, which have no obstacle to cooperate. Even Saudi Arabia is willing to lend a hand. The problem is that BO doesn’t want it to fight. On a side stage, BO promised to repatriate the troops in Iraq, however it is reviewing that decision to move them to Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan is in a extreme point. BO finally met for the first time with the Gral. Stanley McChrystal, Commander of military operations. The meeting lasted 25 minutes, was carried out before take off to Denmark for its important dissertation about what should be the headquarters of the Olympics.

McChrystal calls for 40,000 additional troops. Obama pledged to send 21,000 at the beginning of the year, but is reluctant to increase the number. You think that it makes you a favor. Now that it is world peace emissary, possibly harden in his stance. The number of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan is approximately 68,000, more 39.000 allies and 175,000 Afghans. BO said that you plan to keep the fight with Al Qaeda, but that would accept the establishment of a dictated with the Taliban, with whom it is willing to talk. It seems that Obama is the only individual on the planet, that has the secret formula to fraternise with religious zealots who yearn to kill all Christians. Particularly if Americans are. The Taliban receive billions of dollars of aid. Their main funders are Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates. Also makes about 3,000 billion annually from the sale of opium. Is estimated that 2.9 million Afghans are dedicated to the cultivation of the poppy. Politically his support comes from Al Qaeda, and the ISI (Inter Services Intelligence), the service of pakistani intelligence, which plays to two points. The American defense budget approved for 2009, which includes combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, was 864 billion. With the additional costs come to 941 billion. Afghanistan is becoming in the new Viet Nam of the United States. The conflict will increase, since Muslims consider the award-winning Obama, a weak leader.

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