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Schonensche Strasse

New from the since early August, fefa travel GmbH, based in food packaged flights with hotel services of fefa Reisen GmbH. Thus travellers are more flexible on arrival and come in fully-booked Charter flights still cheap at the resort. Who doesn’t know that? In the high season still often Hotel capacities are free at your […]

Traditional Festivals

Shepherd, cow bells and Goassln: ‘Wolf portholes in the Bavarian Forest’ Rinchnach/ground corn/Freyung (tvo). \”\” \”\” Buam’s, oidsamt do?\”Yes!\” koana more o’s? \”well!\” then riegeld’s enk! \” On the command of the shepherd\”deafening bells begins: how wild shake the boys pop the large cow bells, which themselves have strapped it around the hips, and the […]

Marine National Park

Iceland hopping in the Gulf of Siam – the ideal Thailand holiday in the summer and autumn a 13-day trip from Bangkok combined Beach stays in four different areas in the Gulf of Siam: the unknown beaches of the Mainland North of Chumpohn and on the three islands of Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh […]