Monthly Archives: October, 2016

Canine Behavior

I know this may sound pretty bad, but it's true, as a parent would never put my son's life in danger. If the dog has been socialized properly, not only can coexist peacefully with the children, but usually become his devoted bodyguard and private security agents. Preparing a dog for the arrival of baby There […]

Art Souvenir

Premium products are especially popular in government agencies, administrative circles, sports, military, and Fire organizations, in the space industry. Sport Facilities and Committees – regular customers of prize medals in gold, silver and bronze, as well as premium sports statuettes for the winners competitions. Military, firefighters and uniformed organizations put emphasis on awards – medals […]

Siberia Civilization

In deep crisis again, as it was in the 2nd half of XIX century. and in the 20s of XX century., discussion broke out about Russia's place in world civilization process. It is generally accepted division of the local civilizations into two main types: Western, historical roots – in antiquity, Christianity, individualism and democratic traditions, […]