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American Congress

The measurement does not have comparison with no other seizure from the 1929 crisis. Beyond the announcement of the proposal and the euphoria generated the past Friday in the world-wide markets, the same must happen through one hard test in the Congress of the United States to reach its approval. The democratic legislators anticipated the […]

The Governments

Julio Caesar, Napolen, Calvin, Hitler, Franc, was the owners of the unipersonal fear, whereas the theocratic laws, the organizations for-gubernativas and the political regimes took control of the fear like controladora institution. Anguish, I disgust, depression, weariness, uncertainty, disquiet, rages, sadness, they are the sensations of those who are put under by the power in […]

Feng Shui Definition

Feng shui means wind and water; it is a very old system that it tries to use the laws of the sky studied by astronomy and the Earth, studied by geography to improve the life receiving the positive QI. The QI, whose articulation is chi, is an active principle that comprises of all alive being. […]

Lottery: Legal Aspects

The relation between the weddings and all components that can vary in their amount, is the formula that according to is developed, will assure a memorable experience for all the presents. From always one has thought that the fianc2ees dream about that moment, so there is to take into account all that illusion, to guarantee […]

Exchange Riesgo

Although in Honduras still very we are not familiarized with these concepts, Exist many advantages, that they offer the instruments derivatives, special mind if they are used of an suitable way, not only can help us to fulfill the objectives of yield of the company, but also to reduce clearly exhibition to the risk in […]

Economic Investigation

Turbulences in markets, that began at the beginning of the 2007 in China when trade looked for to limit the operations of carry, put in their place the value of counting on a safe anticrisis as they are it these reserves. Nevertheless, the critics to this type of policy follow at your service of the […]

Latin America

A sample of this has the zapatistas. They coined the concept of more down talking about to that social sector where the revolt is born. As well as in years 60 they were the workers nondescribed, the women and the young people driving force of the fights, in Latin America in the neoliberal period was […]

Ecua Constitution

According to the official final data the new Ecuadorian constitution was approved by ample margin. Three of each four registered supported and a 64% of did it to them by Yes, a 28% by and a 8% did not vote null or white. Ecuador was one of the countries that more changed of agent chief […]

The Doctrine

Another possibility sera of comparing the Peruvian law with the foreign doctrine, or the Peruvian mercantile law with the foreign mercantile doctrine, among others possibilities. 19. COMPARISON BETWEEN DIFFERENT SOURCES FROM the RIGHT OF a SAME STATE can be compared different sources from the right of a same state, for example when the doctrine with […]


The present work matter of it is a dictionary specialized in registry matter and notarial, therefore, if a specialist in these branches of the public right can have access to the same is clear that she will increase his level of knowledge, which not only are of predegree, but also of post degree, therefore, we […]