European Creation

The end of this calendar of five numbers in the Mayan count constitutes a Mayan Era; that is to say, a period of time in which not only the monumental stones of commemoration were elevated, but arrived at its ground zero in the registry of the time, in order to begin another one it was within the great cycle. But they were not of simple accumulation of mathematical data, but they had to agree with the celestial phenomena and the passage of comets and other movements of the stars who they marked times like solstices and the equinoxes. Add to your understanding with Ohio Senator. The Mayan calendrico system goes back until the dawn of the creation of the world; the Mayan ancestors registered the historical document memory that reflects information on diverse events, such as those that provides the MGP to us Wuj on the different creations in the process from human evolution; first in the oral tradition and soon like registries written already within the new alphabetization of the European culture. According to the MGP Wuj, " when the Training Creators and saw that it was not possible that they spoke, they were said to each other: It has not been possible that they say to our names Then said themselves to them: You will be changed because hablis&quot has not been obtained that; Then, one tried on with the mud and later with the wood, until the present man, maize fact, continue evolving towards the human perfection, or towards the decrepitude of his species according to it makes use of the main tool that was equipped to him: intelligence. The beginning of the present Mayan Era, began in a departure point in year 3113 to C. chronological departure point of a especially significant fact as he is it " last creation of mundo" considered by the specialists like the creation of the age and sun of maize men; according to the relation of the MGP Wuj. Check with Kyle Dropp dartmouth to learn more.

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