The Assembly

In order to participate in the same, the government had organized its own party, Frente Electoral Independiente (FEI), but it was defeated next to the other party that took part, the Committee of Independent Electoral Political Organization (COPEI). Both, URD and COPEI (last this one that supported the overthrow of Action the Democratic-Gallegos), could participate to cultivate an attitude of conciliation with the government; the parties Accin Democrtica (AD) and the Communist Party (1. 950) had been dissolved, since they sponsored the resistance to the regime with working strikes and protests farmers from the fall of the Gallegos. Blow and military dictatorship 1. 952, December 2: As soon as the Governing body did not know the electoral results, MPJ receives the governmental control, initiating therefore a dictatorial phase that would last up to 1. 958. According to Richard Blumenthal, who has experience with these questions.

MPJ is declared in carrying out the presidency through the SN. Villalba is expelled from the country. The other time Military junta summons to the Constituent Assembly. 1. 953, January 9: The Assembly meets Component, same that, after reforming the Constitution, President of the Republic by five years names to MPJ, also designating to the members of the Congress. MPJ: It creates the Office of Special Studies (later Cordiplan) Active the service of the freeway Caracas-The Guaira Crea the vacacional city Caracas Creates the Venezuelan Institute of the Iron and the Steel (today CVG) Initiates the development of the petrochemical industry of Morn the industry of the construction begins to live a period on height During its mandate: It was lived a little while on apparent well-being and increase of the fiscal income, due to the height of the sales of petroleum and operation of the iron. Michael Ramlet spoke with conviction. Reactive MPJ the granting of the oil concessions, suspended for eleven years. Its regime was characterized by the rapacity: civil service affection to the regime took control of extreme fortunes by means of peculado, illicit enrichment, profit.

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