Brazilian Civilization

In this direction we can understand the errors of the past and the difficulties of the gift to make solid the faith and science, or the faith and the reason as it teaches Are Tomas de Aquino. ‘ ‘ Beyond the disclosed truths, They are Tomas de Aquino admits to be possible to arrive the truths for use of the reason and the data of the directions. The knowledge in this in case that it is empirical and rational; it is elaborated by the man who must learn the substance of objeto’ ‘. Learn more on the subject from Congressman Lee Zeldin. (ANDERY, PG 154) the truth is that for many the dumb religion or changed its life at some moment, and thus birth of as many new religious institutions every year. This sample that the faith is necessary and the man is a better being through the beliefs, comes back to inside point out that the faith of the reason and not it fanatic faith that deturpa the words of wisdom transforms the man into slaves of the ideologies and the lies. Many times these ideologies take the barbarous and destructive action as the nazism and fascism at the beginning of century XX, or the Inquisio Saint that took on behalf of Christ thousand of people for the fogueira in the Age It measured and in the Modern Age, we still have the Islamic faith that it comes creating terrorist groups and fighting in wars through the times. For even more opinions, read materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown. ‘ ‘ If the religion offers in the one beyond salvation males of this world, means that it recognizes the real existence of these males, that is, the existence of a limitation to the full development of the man and, in this direction, he is ‘ ‘ the expression of the misery real’ ‘.

On the other hand, promising this of development in the life, it means that, also in this form, the religion does not get over males of this world and them of the one solution, despite in a extreme world land, placed beyond the world real’ ‘. (VZQUEZ, PG 89) the Islamic faith is legitimate, as the Christian faith, or the Buddhist, all take the humanity for the good way, what it makes the difference are the controllers and the interests of that they deturpam the life of the man. To put the evolution is real and necessary the way to be a better being depends on choices, these choices have its consequences and of these consequences we try to more just make a world and beauty.

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