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Brazilian Civilization

In this direction we can understand the errors of the past and the difficulties of the gift to make solid the faith and science, or the faith and the reason as it teaches Are Tomas de Aquino. ‘ ‘ Beyond the disclosed truths, They are Tomas de Aquino admits to be possible to arrive the […]

Nation Land

Beyond the social tradition, the relation with the land exists. Ours ' ' Ori' ' , that is, our head, our mind has as sacred reference of land not it sky. Of the land we came and it will come back, as the Christian would say. When if it always mentions the name of some […]

Politics and Religion

Born. et.a. (compilers) the marxist theory today. Buenos Aires: CLACSO. ISBN 987-1183-52-6). Thus, the measure that the religion moves away the man from the experience of the nothing, the chaos, of the end, creates the direction to it of the life, that is, the man of the called existencial tragedy hides: ‘ ‘ nada’ ‘ […]