Monthly Archives: February, 2012

Secrets Of Success

First great secret of success of the internal intention to be a success in life is an intention to have the willingness and commitment to working towards the goal. Internal means that your desire stems from the soul, not of the mind. Soul controls emotions, mind – logic. When between emotion and logic, there is […]


Often, citizens of the summer move from their apartments to the country. The reason is very simple. The purified air is very natural need for human breathing. Gardening assistants are excellent in providing the whole family essential vitamins. Also in the country there are many interesting varieties of the time. Some are partial to fishing. […]

Quantum Physics

If these destroyers as well as beginners of these readings are not confined to the title or introduction of this way of life, searching for it deeply, analyze and verify in our own experiences, they would realize the law of attraction is true. One can get what you want, but …. putting into action after […]

Termination Period

If indeed there are good reasons, the result usually be the assessment on the one hand the interest of the employer to prevent the implementation of an employee of coordinated work, and on the other hand interest employee in carrying out this work. The obligations of the employee Employee shall comply with the agreed work […]

Siberia Civilization

In deep crisis again, as it was in the 2nd half of XIX century. and in the 20s of XX century., discussion broke out about Russia's place in world civilization process. It is generally accepted division of the local civilizations into two main types: Western, historical roots – in antiquity, Christianity, individualism and democratic traditions, […]

Green Card Issues

The annual program of the United States Department of State – Green Card (Green Card), or as it is officially called – DV-Lottery attracts a lot of wanting to try for free to immigrate to the United States. Registration of participants free green card, which provides an opportunity to participate in the program, almost anyone […]