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Ramon Labanino Salazar

The other five arrested (Ramon Labanino Salazar, Rene Gonzalez Sehwerert, Fernando Gonzalez Llort, Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo and Antonio Guerrero Rodriguez), held firm convictions at the time of his arrest. This is the reason why were brought to trial in the city where could not have a trial fair: Miami, were sentenced to four life sentences […]

Interior Country-house

Design elements are never alone, they are constantly connected to one track, subordinate any idea. If we talk about design principles, we are referring to the unity, balance, appropriateness, subordination and harmony. All elements of the composition must be related to each other, that song was harmonious. Big mistake novice designers that their product is […]


The Baseball is a game enters 2 teams of 9 players each one, with one technician. A teams attacks (strikes) and the other defends, in nine entrances (innings). After the defending teams eliminating 3 players of the attacking teams, the teams who defended turns the rebatedor teams and the teams whom he struck turns defender. […]

Machine Sewing

The sewing machine are a very useful device and so as any appliance is continuously improved to facilitate the daily live, the sewing machines are a fairly good and nice when sewing improvement. The sewing machines can be mechanical or electrical that are mainly used for joining tissues using thread. Sewing machines make a stitch […]