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Brazilian Theoretical

Brazil, Strong State Versus Neoliberalismo in Check Adilson Boell 1 Expensive reader, to understand the Real meant of the financial and real estate crisis in the United States well and which the effect of this crisis on the form of if thinking the development, is necessary first to understand that types of theoretical sources are […]

Violation Of The Rules Of The SDA

Some drivers who are stopped by traffic police inspector, begin to build itself from the how to say it mildly human sexual orientation. Show starts like: "What a cute inspector! With you very nice to talk to, sometimes it is accompanied by an attempt to pat () inspectors back () even kiss him. Previously, the […]

Departmental Comptroller

To conclude this issue of transparency touch the issue of liquor. Everyone knows that 31 year before last December won the award and the date of today there is no definitions about the liquor monopoly, much less so now 13 months after the contract has been settled earlier. Is this a game "Cunning" between contractor […]

Ecua Constitution

According to the official final data the new Ecuadorian constitution was approved by ample margin. Three of each four registered supported and a 64% of did it to them by Yes, a 28% by and a 8% did not vote null or white. Ecuador was one of the countries that more changed of agent chief […]


Still in the process of selection of participants, some companies (especially state agencies) may Request a translation companies documentation relating to their activities. The essence of the problem is not in the absence of such documents in most offices, and that not everyone has enough experienced lawyer that can tell what Documents can and must […]

Additional Training

Additional Training and qualifications Although no requirement to involve the exercise of professional work (social worker and advocate of the social) if you have to say that there are higher-level university degrees who come to give a greater maturity to that of work. Mostly, because until now lacked social graduates a second cycle of training […]

Called To The Unit

Called the Teodulo Lopez Melendez unit the unit is absolutely necessary. The unit is an imperative that can not flee. The country is claiming the unit. It is necessary to unite the workers of Guiana with the thousands who roam asking properties overlooking the official bodies. The unit is a requirement of the times. The […]

National Politics

Thus, as form of use of the natural resources in rational way, the job of a public orientation, implemented for the government, if it makes necessary by means of the Management and Ambient education, that has for objective, practical that they can guarantee and preserve the environment, as well as, to reduce the impacts caused […]

The Power of the Federal Government

However, the biggest questions we have heard are linked to the increased power of the Fed and not a few raised their objections to his new role. The Working Group of Investors (led by former chairmen of the SEC William Donaldson and Arthur Levitt), which brings together some of the largest money managers in the […]

The Bulk

In the bulk to reduce the load in taxes, it became simpler tax administration, etc. However, this tax reform was made in accordance with the requirements specified period of time. Required to bring the country out of crisis, to join the budget, establish clear taxation. The main platform for such problems have been able to […]