Device And Material Selection For The Fireplace

So how to build a fireplace? The main elements of the fireplace are the foundation, frame, firebox, smoke box and flue. Normal functioning of the fire depends on the correct aspect ratio of its elements. Foundation Fireplaces can be made of rubble stone, rubble concrete, red brick, concrete blocks. Foundations in wet soil is recommended to perform from the rubble. Solution for laying the foundation in dry soils used limestone, consisting of 1 volume of lime and 1 .. 3 volumes of sand (depending on the humidity of the lime). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Raymond Dalio on most websites.

In order to prepare a solution of lime water closes (until thick sour cream) and then add sand. Cement mortar for masonry foundations in wet soil is composed of 1 volume of cement and 3 volumes of sand. First the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed and then diluted with water. Foundation for the fireplace must not be connected with the foundation of the building. Between them to be sedimentary seam width 40 – 50 mm. Seam to be filled with sand. Deepen the foundation for not less than 0.6 m.

In the wet soil foundation should be insulated against water penetration. To do this under the foundation prepared a bed of a mixture of clay with rubble, and around the foundation throughout its height compacted layer of crumpled greasy clay thickness of 150 – 200 mm. Pit for the foundation must have dimensions (length and width) to 50 mm more than the basement under the fireplace. The bottom of the pit level up.

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