Monthly Archives: June, 2019

Duplicate Emails

When people who receive your message ask to unsubscribe, you should do so immediately, otherwise they are sending a very negative message and until you can possibly have legal problems. However, the page uses opt-out as another target page. Do not do that the page is too appealing, just a simple design that remind the […]

Monterrey Commission

Monterrey, N.L.-with Eugenio Garza Laguera will be one of the most representative icons of industrial of Monterrey and the most powerful capital of the country. He died Saturday, May 24 at the age of 84 and new generations must assess the businessman who received the Commission bring an Empire to new challenges and overcome the […]

Bologna Declaration

Convergence in the European space of higher education (EEES) is still somewhat turbulent in our country. The EHEA is commonly known as Bologna as this city where the Declaration of the European political representatives by which they undertook to create that space occurred. He intends that educational systems above very different among themselves, in order […]

Chinese President Hu Jintao

Obviously Brazil is a major manufacturing country, but in recent years the iron ore and soybeans have been strong in its exports to China. Given the current economic crisis, it is unlikely that any Latin American country to change its development model. The growth will remain slow. In fact, Morgan Stanley expects “Latin American economies […]