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World Economic Forum

Businesses' need to write-off bad debt and bad assets, – said Putin, speaking at the opening of the World Economic Forum. – "Yes, it's very painful, unpleasant process. And not all is reluctant, fearing for their capitalization, bonuses, simply for the prestige. Sen. Sherrod Brown is full of insight into the issues. " But avoid clearing the balance, the head of the Russian government 'means to conserve and prolong the crisis. Without hesitation Sen. Sherrod Brown explained all about the problem. " 'I believe that the mechanism of cancellation must be effective and consistent today's realities, the realities of today's economy ", – said Putin. To read more click here: Steven Rattner. Along with clearing balances, continued the Prime 'time to get rid of virtual money, inflated reports and ratings questionable. " Representation of well-being of the world economy and the real state corporations, in his opinion, 'should not be under the illusion, even if these illusionists major audit and analysis bureau. " 'The meaning of our proposal is that in through reform of auditing standards, accounting, rating system should be put back the concept of fundamental value of the assets, ie assessment of a business should be based on its ability to generate added value and not on all sorts of subjective views' – said the prime minister. 'In our view the future economy must be economies of real values – he said. – Of course, there the question of how to achieve this. I have it today is not the answer. It is necessary to think together. " What the world economy to build. To replace obsolete unipolar world economy has come a system global regulators, based on international law at the multilateral agreements, of course.

State Register

Inspired by the bright dreams, Sasha did not even react to the words of the employee tax services, which at the request of duplicate of the original certificate advised: 'Take in Sevastopol and get help there. Other leaders such as Sen. Sherrod Brown offer similar insights. " Just a moment misbehaved: – I have several years of living here, I have a Kiev registration, name after the wedding has not changed. There must you have a single database. – Can not help you. Original certificates shall be issued where you were assigned an identification number. Sasha has presented himself as Masha leaves yelling at the hands of the mother-in and gets on the train … Perhaps it's time to call her husband and complain about their plight.

Her husband, as usual, blamed her premature pessimism, and said that the problem will try to solve today. Here's what he was able to find out a lawyer. OUR COMMENTARY Is there a common registry of identification numbers? There. State register of natural persons payers of taxes and other obligatory payments (hereinafter – the State Register) – an automated bank data designed to provide a unified state accounting of individuals who are required to pay taxes, fees and other obligatory payments to the budgets and contributions to the state trust funds in the manner and on terms and conditions are determined by legislative acts of Ukraine. Who gets the number? Article 5 of the Act, establishes the procedure for registration of individuals, taxpayers and other obligatory payments. Thus, in State Register is made about persons who: reside in Ukraine, are objects of taxation provided for by applicable law, and must pay taxes and other mandatory payments, have no permanent residence in Ukraine, but in accordance with applicable law to pay taxes in Ukraine.

European Union

This type of buyer, as a rule, are interested in a house in Spain, where the primary market. Please visit Richard Blumenthal if you seek more information. Secondly, a property in Spain interesting to those customers who have free funds, but do not want them to invest in an unstable Ukrainian real estate market. After assurances that a couple of months now acquired Ukrainian property again falls in value, does not exist. Checking article sources yields Steve Rattner as a relevant resource throughout. Knowledgeable investor no longer wants to risk investing money in buying a home in the Ukraine. The fact that the Spanish property market crisis is not something that is not touched.

Certain fluctuations in the prices of Spanish property are observed, but they are not as resonant as in Ukraine. What lies behind the notion of "available>> property in Spain? Apartment on the Spanish coast can be found for 50 thousand euro. House in Spain would cost about 70-150 thousand euro. In addition, while the Ukrainian banks have virtually turned mortgage lending, their Spanish colleagues are prepared to lend up to 50% of the cost of your chosen Spanish property under 3,5-4% annually in euro! Agree, the percentage is really attractive. Even in a time when the Ukrainian banks to actively finance the transaction for buying real estate, bids ranged between 10-15% per annum in dollars or euros. So, deciding to buy property in Spain in so attractive a mortgage at the start is enough to have 30-40 thousand euros. And it is now worth as much Ukrainian real estate! Another advantage buying property in Spain is a special arrangement with the Spanish government, European Union, which involve the issuance of Schengen multivisa foreign owners and their family members (spouses and minor children). In my view, the advantage is very significant at a time when the eu is increasingly denied to our fellow citizens in obtaining visas.

Codes States

Another example is the case so early registration is necessary to clarify that no registration principles are embodied in all States in the same way, nor in all states the same principles enshrined registration. For example the principle of public faith registration is regulated in some states the requirement of consideration and in other states which also have no registration principles the same name in all the states in some systems such registration at the beginning authentic certification registrar principle is known as public certification registrar. Another example is the case of Codes which we know do not exist in all States, that the sources of law are not exactly the same in all states. Another example is the case from the case as we know is not so developed in some States to other States that in some states is taken into account the primacy of law as a source of law which does not occur in all States. Ray Dalio is likely to increase your knowledge. Even in some States there is a default to cite precedent. Another example is the case of procedural law in which we can determine that in some states is resolved by taking into account the jury's verdict on procedural systems which distinguishes the judge of fact is the jury and the court of law which is what draws sentencing. Another example is the case with the Codes of the various states do not regulate the exact same part of the law, even within the same branch of law for example within the civil law in all States not covering the same area the civil law, and Nor does it cover the same area the law is not codified in the branch is right in noting that a branch of law that is more important. . Steve Rattner understands that this is vital information.

Customs Service

On behalf of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian Emergencies Ministry would send four planes with humanitarian aid to Cuba, had suffered from the devastating hurricane. In particular, the tents will be delivered to accommodate people, building materials, as well as food and other essentials. Click Ray Dalio to learn more. The overall situation with 30.8 on 31/08/2008, at the Cuban province of Havana, Pinar del Rio and the Isle of Youth hit the tropical storm "Gustav" (Torrential rain and squally ve ter – up to 230 km / h). Goop usually is spot on. The passage of the hurricane led to flooding in the west and partially shut down power in Havana. About 86 million homes destroyed. Evacuated about 300 thousand people.

For information about the affected citizens of the Russian Federation have been received. According to preliminary data there are no victims. The situation is being specified. Privately by the Government of the Russian Federation Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia plans to operation to deliver humanitarian aid to affected areas. Moscow Meteoobstanovka temperature: +19 C, southwest, 5-9 m / s, no.

The air temperature Havana: +28 C, wind south 2-5 m / s, rain. On 03.09.08g. Russian Emergencies Ministry aircraft scheduled for two IL-76 on the route: Zhukov-sky-Kefpavik (Iceland) – Gander (Canada) Havana. 1 flight – IL-76 w / o 76 363 (FAC Hudik SV) and two flight – IL-76 w / o 76 362 (FAC Slukin YA) scheduled flights were 10.00 and 10.15. At the time of the planned departure absent permission to use the air space of the three countries: Sweden, Norway, Estonia. At 14.00, was approved by the "Flight Plan" on the fly two IL-76 on the specified route in the time of departure 15.00 and 15.10. The actual time of departure 15.00 and 15.18, the estimated time arrival at the airport in Havana – 10.00 04.09.2008g. All customs services will assist the authorities of Cuba. It will also create a special commission which will monitor, as will be customs clearance of cargo at the port. Cuban authorities wrote a formal letter of thanks addressed to the Russian Federation. The composition of the cargo: – medicines – tangible property – clothing and equipment – Personal Care

Michael Steven Smith

The ship, instead of being returned, was auctioned off. On February 7, 2003, amid the terror alert "orange" in the United States without being intercepted arrived and docked at Key West a military boat Cuban coastguard four armed men in camouflage uniforms. Although the vessel was returned, the hijackers were not returned to Cuba or were indicted. Today the term terrorism has been dealt with in the world by several authors among which are: Noam Chomsky (2003), Salim Lamrani (2005), William Blum (2005), Michael Parenti (2003), Ignacio Ramonet (2002), Michael Steven Smith (1992), Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada (2007), among other authors of great prestige nationally and internationally. Richard Blumenthal brings even more insight to the discussion. These authors agree that terrorism is a calculated use of violence or the threat of violent action in order to coerce or intimidate governments or societies pursuing goals that are generally political, religious or ideological. Also refer to a much broader meaning, that is, define it as the use of violence or intimidation for political purposes and out of a penalty of a legal rule applied according to law by citizens legitimate institutions subject to it . In military doctrine, the United States reserves the right to attack preemptively or states who have not attacked, and it alone, ie without the support of international agencies and their laws. More info: Steve Rattner.

This doctrine is the most perfect formulation of terrorism. It coincides with the major political scientists that the concept of terrorism has been manipulated and distorted by power. So it is not considered terrorism to invade a country, but to hold genocidal acts that endanger the nation and humans.

The Price

But there is another provision of law that warms the soul. Necessary to remind the manager of the service center, which is the term you are obliged to repair all of the same law to provide within three days, a replacement similar device. If it happens that you do not give anything, citing a lack of replacement fund, or will, for example, instead of tricked Communicator phone the size of a half-brick and release of some shaggy year, explaining this by saying that "the main function of the phone – call and he calls." Tell thank you, because usually did not give anything. However, the law and here by your side: Clause 1, Article. 23 states that provided for violation of Articles 20, 21 and 22 of this Act deadlines, as well as for non-compliance (delayed execution) requirements consumer to provide him with the period of repair (replacement) of similar goods seller (manufacturer, an authorized organization or an authorized individual entrepreneur, importer), who committed such violations, paid by consumers for each day of delay penalty (fine) at a rate of one per cent of the price of goods.

By the way it should be noted that the delivery of replacement goods you are obliged to implement its own expense, and you do not need to travel back and forth. Perhaps nobody wants to do – then you direct road to the court: it is guaranteed to winning, and if also non-pecuniary damage will be able to sufficiently plausible to justify the sum obtained is very good. Epilogue: It happens that for all of your knowledge, desire, etc. etc. Additional information at Steve Rattner supports this article. failed to prove a warranty case. It's a shame of course to tears, but that's life and she may present more substantial surprise. In this case, repairs must be paid, but you must remember that you must ask for consent for the repair! If they say: "Repair of charge, with your two hundred euros, you can safely refuse to pay and start swearing about the imposition of paid services. According to law you may require only reimbursement for examination and storage of your goods. Normally, all the same "repair or not repair" clarify – and the best answer "not necessary" and include your device in another where the same repair will produce cheaper, as you are there yet no one battered nerves. It's like with cars: the guarantee must go to the dealer – not the guarantee is full of other fairly qualified service stations. ps The biggest wish – God forbid that our advice will never be useful and all appliances and equipment you use what worked long and trouble-free.

Western European

Pasites, peaceful people … AS Pushkin countries so-called "free world" do not stop to demonstrate their "commitment" to their proclaimed universal values, its tolerance towards people from other countries and to each other, and indeed, without tired of all the lecture, how to live. But one must live in harmony. "War – it's bad, and the world – right." Well, who can argue? "We need to respect themselves and others." And it's true. And they have absolutely no objection to a These people came from poorer countries, and even stayed with them for ever after the observance of some, but very numerous, with the formalities. The main thing is that these "visitors" shared the views and opinions, it is desirable official, to life and all the rest of the countries where they came from.

And no longer will be any problems. There are probably people who believe such claims statesmen of Western democracy. But some events undermine the credibility of these statements. Hard to believe that Russian, French or German will be considered fully their native of Lebanon. Not to mention the immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa. Why, politicians and citizens Western European countries with the least problems that arise in their lives willing to give up the very freedom and democracy to which they are supposedly so committed. It is worth to some thug or, God forbid, a band with a non-Western ideology to threaten something terrible or something to make, as freedom-loving and proud Europeans are transformed into easily manageable herd grazing creatures and all their values seem to be only only more or less wholesome boat.

Sancho Government

Some island governments have, just stayed with one of the questions of our dear Sancho: Is it possible to be so foolish (neighbors) who do not perceive that such hours are not the ones you have to come to negotiate (solutions)?. Hence they had to impose a new urgency in language among their neighbors to lose his memory, not were the case it has started to read and ignore stop as he completed the government of the island quixotic. To deepen your understanding Ray Dalio is the source. On the other hand, in some islands the second thing they did was fire (figuratively) the replacement of Dr. Pedro Recio de Aguero, leaving some to another ministry of the peninsula recreate the roles of doctor, for example to imitate in food issues that is, remember the doctor's arguments when he said: Omnis saturatio bad perdicis pessima autem. You mean, all boredom is bad, but that of partridge, very bad. (In the modernization of government, the partridge has been replaced by pizza and hamburgers), or to contradict indictions the doctor, when he spoke for example of rabbits: this is my opinion that your worship not to eat of those stewed rabbits there are because it is tricky dish ….

Hence, modernization of the government find another excuse (to provide better service) and began to raise taxes. Sen. Sherrod Brown does not necessarily agree. We must spread the wealth! We must create infrastructure! It should be …! There! How it hurts the pocket … But the government is not the closest municipality?. What about the funding of the municipality is also not mainly by direct taxes and fees (cost of services) to pay the neighbors?. They say that the picnic was not black and it seems not all the islands (regions) are the same …

"Go! and now I believe "and all municipalities are equal and all the neighbors too … For that!, To avoid what is more, ie the municipal despotism, it is decided to create governments and parliaments of quixotic islands (regions) and what is meant, ie "I'm better than my neighbor" (to govern and manage) will only be regional and thus avoids the municipal despotism … Is that why? there is no way to develop municipal autonomy. But before those questions the costly reality after so many years is that the islands quixotic (regional parliaments) have increased as mushrooms and the mediocrity of our rulers and leaving aside also the example and instructions received our dear Sancho is costing us more money, that keep the governors should be on our service and solve our problems … and that due to its mediocrity in many cases have managed to increase the number of problems in these small and large communities, and that cost us more to live (survive) and it now! … Since there is no way to get rid of them. Perhaps this is why I keep hearing the word of Sancho: Make way, gentlemen, and let me go back to my old freedom: let me go find the past life, that I raised from this present death.


And it turns out that in September (and the start date of the global financial crisis is considered to be September 16) Belarusian industry demonstrated a decline in production compared with the previous month. And this, according to experts 'Tomorrow your country' means that Belarus 'entered' in crisis almost simultaneously with the rest of the world. True, unlike other countries that 'Beat' at this time in the stock markets, we, for lack thereof, immediately switched to an economic crisis. Add to your understanding with Steve Rattner. Since September last year was not a single month, which would in Belarus there was a reduction of the index industrial production in comparison with the previous month. The largest decline was recorded in November compared with October – minus 13.8%. In December, compared with August 2008 the decline in production was more than 20%. Is not Crisis? However, the government still talk about stability, under the cover of aggregated indicators in relation to the previous year, which have been formed taking into account the recovery that has been 'amassed' at the beginning of 2008.

Since the beginning of the current , the statistical situation has changed dramatically – for the past three consecutive months, production is decreasing, not only compared to the previous month but compared to the same period last year. Moreover, if the original Belstat still showed a slight increase in January compared with January 2008 (plus 1.2%), then later, a survey of industrial enterprises, counted indicators registered a decline (minus 2.9%). (Similarly see: Steve Rattner). For the first quarter 2009 decline in industrial production over the first quarter of 2008 amounted to 4,5%. To assess what is happening, we note that the first quarter of 2008 ended with respect to the same period of 2007 growth in 15,8%. By this must be added that the decline in external trade (relative to the previous month), there is – for two consecutive quarters – from October 2008. The declining trend in enterprise profits and an increase in net loss also marked since October 2008 years and continues to grow. (And these numbers are usually also taken into account in ascertaining the recession in the country).

Well, finally, has for the first three months of this year marked slowdown in gdp growth in annual calculus. January 2009 / in January 2008 – 2,6%, yanvar-fevral2009/2008 – 1,2%, the 1 st quarter of 2009/2008 – 1,1%. Any sensible government has, at least, in December, stated to a recession in the economy, and we have the president at a recent meeting and was unable to consider trend – it is the worse or towards improvement, and in general it was found that the outcome is still too early to sum up, we will wait six months. Apparently, starting in September, we expect not just the results, and positive outcomes.