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Cavendish will have to wait for the upcoming massive arrivals to get dressed again of leader. The leadership for Fuglsang, by chance, since, according to said the Danish cyclist, the fact of entering the first obeyed the coincidence given a respite. Either way, the climber who worked on the Tour at the service of the […]

Day Story

Valentine s Day Story is a game created by the authors of Pinkypop free online! The protagonists of this game online of differences are Harry and Rebecca, a young couple, enamoradisimos one another. They began dating not long ago and they are impatiently waiting for their first Valentine’s day to celebrate it together. But something […]


Did you ever feel that using drugs is too dangerous to your health?, you may have reason, as these help to combat true evil specific but also have negative effects in the long term, for this reason, many recommend the use of natural products. Studies are devoting more time to discover all the properties of […]

Carlos Alberto Parreira

Vicente de el Bosque still twisting the mustache when remember you that it is Marquis. Grandson and son of railroad Republicans, his grandfather and his father suffered in their flesh the post-war, as millions of Spaniards, mistreated by the dictatorship of general Franco. Out precisely the salmantino technician who linked his name to of Spain […]

United States

Israel is armed, nuclear weapon; Few would dare to deny it as a fact, even if nobody available open evidence. Thing as well as the wind that is there and not see it, but is there. It is a logic based on certain doctrines of military invincibility and superiority which rationalizes the defense and power […]

Supreme Court

The Civil Guard in collaboration with the British police arrested Eneko Gogeaskoetxea, one js of the appliance military ETA, in Cambridge. Also several caches have broken up, the latter was found a few days ago in the South of France. ETA in institutions? In parallel there has been an evolution of the political project of […]

Bolivia Israel

JOSE BRECHNER at four years of the rise of Evo Morales Bolivians living distressed, while it has is true: persecution of opponents, terrorism of State, vandalism, despotism, nepotism, racism, corruption, pillaging the country, lack of basic products, indigence in augmentation, drug trafficking without limits, murders, lynchings, torture, arrogant threats of rulers, and violations of the […]

Jordan River

Let’s see the VERSES and their references: Leviticus 16: 21 part 1: and Aaron will put their hands upon the head of the male alive cabrio, and confess over him all the iniquities of the children of Israel, Isaiah 53: 6 part end: more Lord charge em the sin of all of us. Levitical 16: […]

Belleza Cosmetica Natural

There are many natural methods dedicated to personal care and beauty. Many of these have been preserved with the passage of time and have even become the cosmetics we use today frequently. We all know that beauty is health, cosmetics being a basic pillar in our outer part. Natural cosmetics based its principles on plants, […]


Pretend to understand meaning lose all connection with the authentic message, and the error is still greater when we believe have misunderstood. The spirit of zen in each activity is characterized by a direct contact with the present moment, with the eternal now that it is the only thing that exists. It is the expression […]