The Governments

Julio Caesar, Napolen, Calvin, Hitler, Franc, was the owners of the unipersonal fear, whereas the theocratic laws, the organizations for-gubernativas and the political regimes took control of the fear like controladora institution. Anguish, I disgust, depression, weariness, uncertainty, disquiet, rages, sadness, they are the sensations of those who are put under by the power in anyone of his manifestations, specifically when this power executes the actions that dissipate probable or possible social entropy; it is worth to say, when it uses for his benefit the social fear, because to to induce the fear facilitates the exercise of the power like political and social control. The Governments, are as they would be his governmental origins and their systems, have used from always the threat and the fear like weapon of political domination and social control, because the fear impels to the victim to build of certain way to get rid of the threat and the anxiety that produces. Then, who provokes fear takes control until certain point of the will of the victim and tries to obtain that the other person puts in practice one of the ancestral conducts to flee from the fear: the submission. (Source: Amazon). That is indeed the objective of all political regime: To dissipate the indicators of the entropy, especially those that aim towards the structural bases of the system and that can cause the social vortex that it precedes to the chaos, demoralizing to the possible followers of their opposites, demobilizing to the society everything and demotivating any attempt of destabilization. Basically generating a sensation of " place tomada". In order to reach such dissipative degree the regimes, from dictatorial and abiertamente theocratic, until democratic and the comprobadamente parliamentary ones, they have developed a strategy in which the terror, abierto or guarded, is strained by all the scopes of the social structure until reaching to its fundamental organizations: The group, the vicinity, the family. .

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