Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez

Freedom without equality is a beautiful word clear accents but emaciated results. Hubert h. Humphrey not be ignored the opening that is generating the new change of the Presidency of Cuba, though is always under the direction of the same family, now under the management of Raul Castro. It shows a little more planned strategies on pro give Cuba that opportunity, which has managed to promote him, collaboration, support Venezuela, thanks to its President, Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, a faithful admirer of Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolution. You have to see how Chavez to Cuba with oil, has helped him dollars (loans), agreements, alliances, to accept them in the Alba, giving Cuba the opportunity to appear with participation not guerrillas, artillery, but trade that favors him and can provide to interested countries in the island an opportunity for development, more when it weighs the embargo of the United States. There are many criticisms that the vast majority of Venezuelans remain with with regard to this devotion of Chavez to Fidel, of its aid, sacrificing many times to the same Venezuelan people, with a national budget that does not favor him. The truth, before leaving Brazil, Raul makes his first trip passing through Venezuela and signing some agreements that soon should be analyzed, more when in the case that us corresponds the of the universities are obliged in delving into the scope, impact generating agreements and determine, in that way it encourages the country to all Venezuelans. Although unfortunately universities have very little demonstrated interest and opinion on the subject on these facts, leaving much to say his role as forgers of professional talent and their proactive participation in opinion thinking that the country, more needed now that there is absence of a political lidrazgo capable of generating oposion. Raul Castro arrived in Brazil, specifically the I Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean on integration and Desarrollo.Expuso, prensa latina, exposes him as dear teammate Luiz Inacio Lula, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil; Distinguished heads of State and Government; Distinguished guests: Allow me, first of all, convey a message of friendship of my compatriots to the fraternal Brazilian people.

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