Political Educational Projects

When trying to trace a practical definition on what Pedagogical Politician assigns to the Project, a well singular definition of the word was given in them by According to Nilbo Walnut ' ' the word project if relates to the idea that if form to execute or to carry through something in the future: plan, design. Enterprise to be carried through inside of determined esquema.' ' Of this definition, we perceive the importance and the obligatoriness of each school to elaborate its Project Pedagogical Politician, who is conducted by laws 9394/96 and 11,274/06 and will have to be inside of the parameters demanded for the National Curricular Lines of direction. The P.P.P is the global plan of all school and will have to count on the opinion and participation of all on community to the pertaining to school reality, therefore a project pedagogical politician goes beyond the pedagogical analysis. It is a intentional action, a commitment that must be defined collectively. It is a work that demands comprometimento of all the involved ones in educative process: professors, team technique, pupils, responsible, that is, all this community previously cited. In the elaboration of the P.P.P he must be emphasized: – The search for the equality, respect to the differences, liberty of speech, quality in the attendance given to the community, that would be the objective had ones of the pedagogical work; – The good nimbleness of the involved young in the learning process; – A profile of the community that will benefit itself of the work developed for the given institution; – The form chosen for the institution for its functioning; – Communication of the physical space, the installations and the equipment gifts in the institution in question, as well as the profile of each professional who is inserted in the rendering of services – its functions, abilities and formation; – As the school if it organizes in day-by-day (execution of the daily work); – The meeting for exchanges of ideas between school and family; – Presentation of the annexes: Effective Curricular matrix and Projects Special that will be developed.

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