Operation One

Another important action of this topic, is the fact not to be admitted acts that result in increase of the expenditures with staff in the last one hundred and eighty days of mandate of the governing. As for the increase of the expenditures with the social security, these must be folloied by corresponding reduction in the same category of expenditures or increase of the contributions finance that it. This compensation, will only be excused when to be about the concession of benefit to who satisfies the conditions of qualification foreseen in law, quantitative expansion of the attendance and the given services and the monetary update of the value of benefits. 3.4. Debt and Indebtedness: Concepts, Conditions and Limits (Art.

29 the 42). The debt concepts, according to Complementary Law n 101, are the following ones: ) Upstream Consolidated or Established Public debt of the assumed financial obligations in virtue of laws, contracts, accords or treated and to operations of credit, for amortization in superior stated period to one year and those of inferior stated period to one year whose prescriptions have consisted of the budget (Art. 29, I); b) Movable Public debt? debt in headings emitted for the three spheres of government (Art. 29, II); c) Operation of financial Credit-commitment assumed with the creditors, involving: emission, opening of a credit and acceptance of headings, financial acquisition of good, anticipated act of receiving of the sales the term of goods and services, lease mercantile and other financial obligations, beyond the installation, recognition or confession of indebtness for the States (Art. 29, III); d) Concession of Guarantee-commitment of adimplncia of assumed contractual obligation (Art.29, IV); e)? Refinancing of the movable debt? emission of headings for increased payment of the main one of the monetary update (Art.29, V). The LRF establishes exactly that the limits of the debt periodically are calculated (of four in four months), that the entity is not pleading Operation of Credit.

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