Fernando Enrique

However, in times of eve of presidential elections, this it only rees-echo as plus a way to pull votes to the government, at this moment, worried about the search of allies to choose indicated its. Parallel to the spreading of the approval of the PEC, the government also divulges gap in the Providence. We go to understand thus: The notice, transmitted in noble schedule, announces to the segment of pensioners and pensioners who its fight is vain. It answers to the fight of these for an identical readjustment to the one of the minimum wage. Currently, vitimados for the neoliberal period of Fernando Enrique, 8.1 million pensioners and pensioners who receive above from the minimum wage, he has been confronted with a percentage that badly corrects the inflation of the period and ignores the historical and enormous losses accumulated for the category. The fact flagrantly opposes the speech of the President of the Republic, which, in campaign to the presidency in the year of 2002, pledged its commitment with the segment, when it declared that it would go to recoup the power of purchase of the pensioners and pensioners, granting to them it recovery of the losses of its benefits.

Of another part, all the Brazilians are filling, correcting its income statement, terrified with the hunger of Lion e, knowing of beforehand, that all this work must the taxes that never in will give one to them just and cash return. We are taxed for what is called income. It has that to argue itself what it means income for the contributor and which its meaning for the government. In a country where is necessary to have the benefit of the Stock market Family to minimize the existing misery, where the unemployment alone diminishes for affiliated and godsons politicians, where pensioners and pensioners do not have right to the equality of treatment foreseen in the CF/88, tax it who? To the almost extinct middle class! I and you are, those that have, for proper effort, a graduation diploma, a formal job, disputed in the ability, that we pay taxation on until air that we breathe. we go to continue paying for the casustico empreguismo of new politicians, fed the existence of individuals that load dollar in the underwear and whose income statements are not publicizadas, and being taxed for the diminished revenue that we receive in the inactivity. Where transparency is so said? Sad reality of the Brazilian people!.

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