Carlos Alberto Parreira

Vicente de el Bosque still twisting the mustache when remember you that it is Marquis. Grandson and son of railroad Republicans, his grandfather and his father suffered in their flesh the post-war, as millions of Spaniards, mistreated by the dictatorship of general Franco. Out precisely the salmantino technician who linked his name to of Spain in South Africa 2010 World Cup victory has some poetic justice. But if the King granted him the title of nobility was not only for that victory. No national coach accumulated so many in his home in Office, consecutive 13, one more than the Brazilian Joao Saldana; It led to the selection – with pre-accession aid of Luis Aragones – to overcome the successive 14 a national team record that legitimately boasted France, Brazil and Australia, and reached 35 matches without losing, the same ones that got Brazil in 1994 at the hands of Carlos Alberto Parreira. (2230, TVE-1) tonight, against Venezuela in Puerto La Cruz, can overcome another spectacular brand, 38 victories from Luis, and become the coach with more victories. Numbers, of course, are categorical: has won 88% of the disputed points. Source of the news:: the Marquis of records.

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