Spanish Entrepreneurs

Do not know who vote, tu si? Hello everyone, the other day we were drinking a few beers to us and everyone knew who would vote in the coming elections, I do not. I dared me to make a comment in the group that we were at the table and everyone wanted me to eat, but when they stopped arguing, ups already pudios speak with calm and serenity. My thought is this, I want a delinquent politician, who know what it is to find work and what it takes to make ends meet, this politician speaks me same language and will understand the needs of the majority of citizens. I have become an expert in the panorama politician, catalan and Spanish, so I rated follows, licensed, (lawyers, doctors, officials, etc), Pope children stuck to politicians and entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs, Ethereal businessmen, Buddhist entrepreneurs, etc.). Gain insight and clarity with Amazon. First, do not speak the language of the majority of citizens because we don’t understand them when going to their consultations, offices or we cater if we find them in their posts of I work, they have not lost their jobs, they arrive at end of month uncluttered and never have had everyday problems and that we now have citizens, (standing, insolvent, without housing, thousand heuristic, etc). That we can provide as future politicians to us, under my understanding nothing, what if I have to say that these little us steal since politicians are made by image and as not by the fixed pay of each month. Second, entrepreneurs, gives me the same sector since this profile citizens as politicians do not contribute anything because as entrepreneurs do not create work, have destroyed it and now do not want to create it, but as politicians give me fear, since we do not gain anything but them Yes, expand your circle of contacts to create business in your company not in our cityduring the four years that are are they will enrich, I don’t like to say as stated in the table that steal, but to create opportunities that will benefit them, not us as the human nucleus. .

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