Products Blockade

E had still thought that, of breaking, it would be finished of a time with the exploration of the true Clandestine Industry Raising of the blockade. But, that nothing! After you vary meetings, much study and evaluations, as it is of if waiting, had little result. Exactly if passed in double dose, the Regulating Agency announced the obligator Raising of the blockade, in 1 PHASE, then, a Partial Raising of the blockade, only enclosing devices bought from 13 of February of 2008, with exception of devices with, unknown one until then, Subsidy, supplied for the proper Operator (very funny), its criterion, when it wants, if to want, how much it wants, without rules, obligatoriness, control, more known as Prices or Promocionais Plans. In the truth, what our Competent Authorities, pparently, understand for Subsidy, one is in the practical one about a well spread out commercial form in the market, known ‘ ‘ Married sales, ‘ ‘ where if products or services for pparently cheap prices vendem in order to attract the customer, however, compelling it to acquire it other Products or Services atreladamente. Thus, with this weapon of marketing, many times, obtain to gain the competition (to the times, are complicated to understand the reason of certain consentimentos to benefit outrem, in clearly detriment of the proper population, and are lamentable. Perhaps but, it has some explanations, for example, it enters they one ‘ ‘ monetariamente’ ‘ reasonable, the share of the profits consisting of the High Brazilian Taxes).

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