Pra Lynno

Remade of the astonishment after appearance, I wanted to know of new features and the Lynno always has one. At this time surprised it me, saying that she is Journalist (not diplomee) and alone he needs a force to emplacar its Column: The Mico, Lynno. When hearing this already I understood the intention of the unpretentious friend and until I argued, saying if Column does not sound as plagiarism of Simo Monkey, of the Z Simo. Without if making of supplicated, the Lynno went off one: but had copied already me? I explained that I believed that not, therefore the Z is colunista has decades and, for> and then, you of the one force pra I to divulge mine Column, after all you is one of the QIs greaters that I know! Cheguei to be thankful, saying that nor wise person who considered it me so intelligent to cite my QI (Quotient of Intelligence) what soon it answered: That intelligence? I consider its texts without favour, content, salt or sugar, what QI is of Who Indicates, therefore vi some publications its in diverse periodicals and sites Pra to only remember, if the reading friend will have problem of auto-esteem or low-esteem, never part opinion to my Lynno friend. With smile without favour, he said that he would see what I can make and he was sufficient it to be euphoric and to say: I wise person who you would help to be recognized as the colunista me most famous of Brazil, for the time being later childbirth for the Mercosul, the remaining portion of the world will be that already they had colonized the Moon or Mars! I said:> less, well less, we go to see Column and sending as suggestion, this Lynno only started to discourse that she was arnakinopolense citizen, city that it swears being in some I sing of the Bahia, but I only heard to speak of Arnakinpolis in the music of the great bahian rock musician, Raul Seixas.

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